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Communication Endpoints are the access points that makes the communication easier and faster. A diversified range of business phones/App in-office, remote, mobile and desktop computer users. Matrix IP Communication Endpoints is a fine blend of style and substance that offers faster communication, superior aesthetics and intuitive user interface.

Features & Advantages:

Touch Screen Interface

Navigate easily with user-friendly interface and increase the speed of tasks

Direct Station Selection Keys 

Save your frequently contacted extensions to contact them with just one click

High Definition Voice

Make the most of communication with clear and accurate sound quality  

Presence Sharing 

Enable users to know real-time status before placing a call. Enhance collaboration with diversified modes such as ‘In a Meeting’, ‘Out for a Meal’, ‘Available’ and ‘Busy’

Ergonomically Designed 

Designed and developed to boost Enterprise interactions efficiently

Corporate Directory Integration 

All contacts in one location with corporate global directory integration for easy access


Multilingual Platform

Interoperability with IP-PBXs

Call Management 

Secured Communication

Faster Communication

Fully Integrated Telephony Solution

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