IP Video Surveillance Solutions

IP Video Surveillance

From simple Video footage monitoring to intelligent IP Video Surveillance systems that are capable of identifying unusual events or behaviors, today, Video Surveillance technology is growing exponentially.

Organizations now use IP Video Surveillance technology to ensure the safety of their employees and assets, increase their revenue and profitability and for general surveillance.

Matrix SATATYA is a family of IP Video Surveillance solutions that are specifically engineered for small, medium and large-sized deployments. The complete SATATYA family includes enterprise-grade Video Management System(VMS), Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and IP Cameras.

Matrix offers the finest IP Cameras, built and designed specifically for demanding enterprise and project applications. Along with exceptional image quality, these feature-rich IP Cameras offer intelligent Video Analytics, Multi-stream and Edge Recording. Moreover, Matrix offers IP66 certified Project and Professional series IP Cameras to provide glitch-free performance even under varying light conditions. Available in Dome, Bullet and PTZ variants, Matrix IP Cameras are suitable for both - outdoor and indoor applications.


Intelligent Security

Greater Visibility

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At Matrix, we offer the best range of high-performing, power packed NVRs that are engineered for serious Video Surveillance deployments. Matrix SATATYA PARAM NVRs are packed with high-end processors to deliver all the functionalities like live view of multiple streams, high resolution recording, playback, remote monitoring and storage for higher number of days. Additionally, these NVRs are strengthened with intelligent software to detect threats and offer instant notifications for real-time security.

All in all, these flexible, comprehensive and reliable NVRs are perfect for modern enterprises looking for complete security.


4K Decoding

Camera Initiation

12MP Camera Recording

RAID Support

IP Video Surveillance technology has revolutionized the physical security industry. Enterprises are rapidly moving from the obsolete hardware-centric isolated products to automated, software centric centralized solutions. Matrix SAMAS is a future-proof, all-inclusive Video Management System that plays a central role in the surveillance of modern enterprises. With a scalable and modular architecture, SAMAS can be seamlessly deployed in any type of enterprise, regardless of its structure, size or geographical spread.


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