Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders

Abbreviated as NVR, a Network Video Recorder is the heart of an IP Video Surveillance System. It enables simultaneous recording and remote access to both live and recorded footage.

Matrix SATATYA PARAM range of NVRs offer the advantages of minimized bandwidth and storage with the help of the latest H.265+ Compression technology. Our power-packed, high-performing NVRs offer ultra high definition recording, live view of multiple streams, cascading solutions and instant notifications. Additionally, Matrix PARAM supports ONVIF, RTP/RTSP over TCP/UDP, HTTP Tunneling/Interleaving to offer built-in support for all popular brands of IP Cameras in the market.

To sum up, our reliable and powerful NVRs are ideal for modern enterprises looking for efficient and preventive security.

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4K Decoding

Camera Initiation

12MP Camera Recording

RAID Support

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