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People Mobility Management Solutions

Security is a critical aspect of any organisation. Eventually, it turns out to be an inevitable part of the company processes. Governing workspaces and handling the manpower efficiently are some of the major lookouts. Specifically, in such scenarios where Organisations have branches spread across multiple locations, bringing in diversified time-attendance laws, access control laws and policies to be followed. In this case, the People Mobility Management solution can serve as the perfect solution for Organisations.

People Mobility Management Solutions comprises of solutions tailored to address the requirements of organisations. Categorically, in making people management an easier job.

Matrix offers a range of comprehensive and flexible Access Control solutions to meet the security needs of Organisations. It monitors and controls human access in a protected environment. Custom designed to take a user-provided credential as input, authenticate the privileges using the access control policies and grant/deny access to the facility.

The whole idea is based on three-dimensional access control - user, zone and time.

Key Features:

25+ Advanced Features

Door Interlocking

Standalone Architecture


Time-Attendance solution is an avant-garde solution for Organisations with multiple locations spread across geographic regions. Empowered with features like Multiple Schedules, Absence Management Processes, it records entries and exits to provide accurate reports and smooth salary processing. This solution enables organizations to manage employees & work-hours efficiently, which leads to increased productivity, timely-salary, employee satisfaction and discipline.

Key Features:

Attendance and Leave Policies

Centralized Connectivity

SMS and Email Notifications

300+ Customized Reports

While designing solutions for modern organizations, staying at the forefront of the technologies with a flexible architecture is crucial. Our People Mobility Management architecture supports new-age credentials such as Face, Palm, Biometric, RFID, PIN, and Mobile. This flexibility helps our End-customer choose the right credentials as per the environmental conditions.

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Matrix offers integration with third-party hardware to provide a complete Access Control solution to the organisations. This includes integration with boom barriers, turnstiles, fire alarm panel, video surveillance, IP-PBX, sensors to name a few. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance is a fully integrated and automated solution starting from recording punch data to generate reports or payroll integration. Matrix software integrations through Function API, Platform API and Device API help an organisation in integrating any third-party software viz. SAP, ERP, payroll software. The APIs even help in integrating our biometric devices with third-party applications and platforms.

Key Features:



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