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COSEC Software Modules

Matrix offers a range of comprehensive solutions for Time-Attendance and Access Control that are tailored to suit the business requirements of organisations. The modules are designed to streamline the time attendance processes and enhance security factors. Dive deep to know more about the solutions.

Time-Attendance (TAM)

Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance is an avant-garde solution engineered for organisations with multiple outlets spread across a geographic area. This solution aims at automating the complete time-attendance and leave management processes right from the start to end!

Access Control (ACM)

Matrix COSEC Access Control is designed to revolutionize security solutions. This module enables complete protection of the assets and manpower by user-based access rights. Furthermore, controls the entry of users by implementing advanced access control policies on the door controller.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Matrix COSEC ESS is a comprehensive web-based employee portal that allows to monitor and manage Time attendance and leave options. This portal allows employees and managers to keep a close track time-attendance and leave data, reducing the amount of time, substantially.

Visitor Management (VMM)

Matrix COSEC Visitor Management is a comprehensive solution that helps you to keep a close track of visitors. Envisioning to offer a secure solution, VMM is an enhanced solution that offers a mobile and desktop application leveraging the power of a web-based architecture.

Cafeteria Management (CMM)

Matrix COSEC Cafeteria Management is an automated solution that automates the processes right from placing an order to delivery, including payments. This solution offers some much-needed features that include item tracking and cashless transaction. Eventually, resulting in the prevention of food wastage and accounting-errors.

Contract Workers Management (CWM)

Matrix COSEC Contract Workers Management is explicitly designed for organizations that largely employ contract workers. This module allows managers and contractors to plan and manage their workforce efficiently to improve productivity. Thus, reducing labour cost significantly. This solution offers provision to create work orders and assign them to contractors with the date of completion. The manager can directly maintain the details of workers and their attendance from the web portal.

Job Processing and Costing (JPC)

Matrix COSEC Job Processing and Costing is a web-based solution fit for organizations working on various projects. This solution allows organisations to track and control project cost and progress, in the most efficient manner. Organizations can monitor user-wise time spent on each job and generate project cost reports using various filters.

Field Visit Management (FVM)

COSEC Field Visit Management (FVM) is a go-to tool for any organisation having employees deployed in the field/on-site. This module offers much-needed features like live tracking of field employee schedules with real-time notifications and reports.

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