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Time-Attendance Solutions

Employees are the primary asset to any organisation that needs a close track in terms of time and attendance. Manual attendance systems or systems that give room to human errors, buddy punching, and fraudulent timekeeping significantly affect the productivity of any organisation in the long run. Matrix Time-Attendance system is an automated attendance management software that maintains the attendance data of a user and generates various reports. Thus, resulting in a reduced administrative cost and the HR activities by centrally managing the attendance policies from multiple locations.


Features & Advantages:

Web-based Access

Access from Anywhere at Anytime

Scheduler Services

Schedule Back-up/ Reports/ Leave

Time-Attendance Policies

Late In/ Out, Early In/Out, Overtime, C-off, Absenteeism

Shifts and Schedules

999 Shifts and 99 Schedules

Leave Management

Leave Types/ Approval/ Balance/ Accumulation/ Credit

Payroll Integration

With Payroll/ ERP/ HRMS

SMS and Email Notifications

User Entry/ Exit, Leave Approval/ Rejection, Monthly Attendance, and More

300+ Customized Reports

Time-Attendance and Leave Related Reports


Centralized Management

Real-time Monitoring

Manage Multiple Shifts

Real-time Notifications

Live Attendance Tracking

Schedule Reports

Generate Customized Reports

Integrate Payroll/ HRMS/ ERP

On-Premise with COSEC CENTRA

On-Premise with

On-Cloud with COSEC VYOM

On-Cloud with

Guranteed 99.5% Uptime
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