Video Management System

Video Management Software

Video Surveillance technology is rapidly moving from the obsolete hardware centric systems to software-based innovative solutions. Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is a comprehensive Video Management Software system that is specifically designed to meet the complex needs of a modern, multi-located organization. It can be effectively deployed in any enterprise irrespective of its size, structure or geographical spread.

Matrix SAMAS is not just another monitoring tool, but a feature-packed software with intelligent features and advanced Video Analytics. Owing to the open platform and APIs, SAMAS can be seamlessly integrated with third party applications and devices including IVA Servers, BMS, Fire, ERP and devices. This helps business owners and security personnel in proactively reacting to mishaps.

All in all, Matrix SAMAS enhances the flexibility and intelligence of any IP Video Surveillance System.

Architecture Diagram:

Features & Advantages:


Centralized Management & Control

Preventive Safety & Security

Storage & Bandwidth Optimization

Easy Integration

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